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Traditional corporate training has gone in two directions. On one hand, companies have come to rely upon a tech-only approach that delivers information but does not instill accountability or allow the learner to build real skills. On the other, live training can be effective but it is costly and typically does not scale.

pelotonRPM combines the best of live and online training into one turnkey solution.

*Live* Video Simulations Are the Cornerstone of the pelotonRPM Experience.

We have built and executed thousands of *live* simulations for our clients. We teach people how to communicate more effectively through challenging simulated scenarios. Be it a sensitive workplace conversation or an important sales pitch - pelotonRPM will deliver.
So How Does it Work?
It is quick and easy to get your team up and running with pelotonRPM.

Identify Needs

We work with you to identify (a) which training modules will deliver the most value to your team, and (b) how to effectively structure and launch your pelotonRPM project.

Program Prep

We will then provide access to learning materials, onboard your team, and get them scheduled for their live video classes, one-on-one coaching session, and simulation.

*Live* Video Training

The heart of our program is our live learning experience. We combine a live video class with one-on-one coaching and a realistic video simulation that engages your team and help them develop real skills.

Feedback & Review

We then deliver feedback to each learner via a personalized video-call and a written report, identifying strengths and discussing areas for improvement.

*Live* online video is ready to transform your training program.

As remote work becomes more common, in-person training will be less effective. Live video technology has evolved tremendously. *Live* video is ready for prime time and will redefine the way you think about training and talent development..
What are the key benefits of pelotonRPM?
Our *Live* online video-based training program is beneficial in many ways.

pelotonRPM’s *Live* video training approach is perfect for remote teams. Whether at home or at Starbucks, in Topeka or Tokyo, all they need is Internet access and a webcam to participate.


Because our approach is online, pelotonRPM is dramatically more scalable than traditional live training. As more of your team becomes remote, the scalability of your training program is critically important. We can get the job done.


Traditional live, in-person training is very costly, even more so when workers are remote. pelotonRPM leverages technology to deliver an exceptional *Live* experience at a fraction of the cost.

It Works!

Most importantly, pelotonRPM works. It changes the way people think, the way they communicate, the way they sell. If you are looking for results, give us a call!

Director, Sales Training, Donnelley Financial Solutions
pelotonRPM was a lot of fun for our team. It was really quick and easy to get everyone up and running. Video is changing the way we communicate. This is a great way to help your team become more effective.
Want to Combine the Best of Live and Online Training?

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pelotonRPM has been offering *Live* online video training programs for years. If you want to learn more about our scalable, cost-effective, and engaging training approach, drop us a line!