A New Approach to Talent Development

We deliver impactful skills-building experiences that position your team for success.


Corporate learning is evolving rapidly. Too many organizations rely on either a technology-driven approach that does not foster real skills-building or periodic live training that is costly and does not scale.

pelotonRPM combines the best of live and online learning into one exceptional solution.

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The skills gap is growing and it has never been harder to hire and retain qualified people. Employers need to develop their existing talent to thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – workplace. According to LinkedIn, 94% of employees say they will stay at a company longer if it invests more to help them learn.
According to McKinsey, by 2030 there will be a 60% increase in demand for technology skills and a 26% increase in demand for social skills in the workplace. We can help your team build the skills they need to fill the gap.


Our proprietary D-CAF™ (Dynamic Instruction + Coaching + Application + Feedback) learning methodology is the cornerstone of the pelotonRPM approach.

Dynamic Instruction

We offer live video-based instruction that incorporates leading-edge streaming technology to drive an exceptional and engaging learning experience. Live classes allow us to be very agile in our content delivery.


One-to-One coaching is a critical component of pelotonRPM’s D-CAF approach. Coaching allows (a) us to deliver a highly personalized learning experience and (b) the learner to ask questions and fill knowledge gaps.


Impactful learning cannot happen without application. Each of our learning programs include an application exercise or simulation that ensures our learners have a chance to ‘practice what we teach’ in a realistic way.

Feedback & Review

After the application/simulation exercise, we deliver feedback to each learner via a personalized video-call and a written report, discussing strengths and areas for improvement. Learners also have an opportunity to get additional coaching.

Live online video is ready to transform your corporate learning programs.

Distributed teams and remote work are requiring a fundamental re-think of the way we deliver learning experiences to our teams. We have perfected a way to make virtual learning engaging AND effective.


Our live online video-based learning programs are beneficial to you and your team in a wide variety of ways.

pelotonRPM’s live online video-based training approach is perfect for distributed teams. Whether at home or at Starbucks, in Topeka or Tokyo, all your team members will need is Internet access and a webcam to participate in our learning programs.


Because our approach is online, pelotonRPM is dramatically more scalable than traditional live training. As more of your team becomes remote, the scalability of your training program is critically important. We can get the job done.


Live, in-person training is expensive, even more so when workers are remote and will need flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. pelotonRPM leverages technology to deliver an exceptional live learning experience without the hassle and at a fraction of the cost.

It Works!

pelotonRPM works! It changes the way people learn, the way they communicate, the way they work. We are tirelessly dedicated to ensuring our learners have the skills they need to thrive and prosper in today’s challenging environment.

One hundred million Americans will lack the skills they need to be viable in the workforce by 2030. Our mission is to help solve that problem by delivering real skills, real competence, and real confidence to each and every one of our learners.
Steve Wiesner, Founder, pelotonRPM
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pelotonRPM has been offering *Live* online video training programs for years. If you want to learn more about our scalable, cost-effective, and engaging training approach, drop us a line!


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