People Don’t Report Because Their Managers Don’t Know How to React

There are many reasons that employees are reluctant to report incidents of workplace misconduct or unethical behaviors. According to research reported in the Harvard Business Review, one of the main reasons is that they lack confidence in the willingness and/or ability of their managers and leaders to handle those difficult conversations effectively. The statistics are unsettling:

  • 45% are more upset and emotional than calm and under control
  • 45% ignore or reject rather than listen and understand
  • 43% are angry and heated rather than cool and collected

This is the reason we created pelotonRPM. We provide managers and leaders with an opportunity to prepare for tough conversations relating to Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership. This allows them to build the real skills and confidence they need to navigate challenging situations effectively. The better prepared they are to handle these scenarios, the more willing their teams will be to approach them when issues arise.