Download pelotonRPM’s White Paper: Critical Mistakes Leaders Make When Confronted With Claims of Workplace Harassment

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Groundbreaking study using live virtual simulations reveals why companies keep failing when it comes to harassment.

Managers & Leaders are not well-prepared to deal with harassment, bias, discrimination, bullying, and other tough workplace challenges. Despite the negative headlines and billions of dollars of lost shareholder value, companies continue to struggle with these issues.

pelotonRPM conducted a groundbreaking study utilizing a first-of-its-kind simulation research approach to understand the core dynamics that drive these workplace problems. Rather than relying upon surveys that rarely reflect actual behavior, pelotonRPM enlisted Managers & Leaders from a range of organizations — large, small and across industries — to participate
in proprietary, live, multi-part simulations of real workplace scenarios.

The study analyzed how Managers & Leaders navigate tough conversations using a powerful technology platform that captured detailed elements of the reporting process, from the specific language used to conversational tone and nonverbal gestures. With this unique approach, we identified specific patterns of behavior and common mistakes that can cause claims of harassment, bias, discrimination, bullying, and retaliation to escalate into culture-damaging incidents and litigation.

Why does this matter? According to data from Ethisphere and EVERFI, approximately 70% of all complaints are made to managers as opposed to the HR or Legal teams. Our simulations show Managers & Leaders lack many of the critical skills needed to handle these conversations effectively, exposing the company to substantial liability. Ultimately, they are unknowingly contributing to an overall culture that is plagued with systemic misconduct, bias, and ineffective remediation.

Despite billions of dollars being spent, current approaches to HR & Compliance training have failed to change negative behaviors or prepare Managers & Leaders to handle these matters effectively. In fact, the EEOC stated that many training approaches may actually be making things worse.

pelotonRPM’s study uncovers a missing link in the current training programs which do not accurately replicate the nuances of real-life situations and do not result in genuine skill-building for learners. We learn by doing, and live simulations not only provide a safe environment to practice incredibly difficult conversations, but they also reveal where leaders are repeatedly making mistakes. This report details our specific findings.

Critical Mistakes Leaders Make When Confronted With Claims of Workplace Harassment
Our study reveals new and surprising data about the mistakes Managers & Leaders are making when confronted with bad workplace behaviors.