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How do we spend our days?

We merge technology, people and expertise into amazing business simulations that help our clients prepare for critical conversations.

Clients are using pelotonRPM’s live video role play simulations to help their employees get ready for important moments before they actually happen.

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Our Technology

Our highly scalable SaaS platform enables us to deliver a training experience that incorporates seamless face-to-face, live, video-based simulations. Our application matches your people with our professional Role Play Specialists to emulate critical conversations and makes it easy to track sessions, watch videos and review reports, anytime, anywhere.

Our People

Our growing team of Role Play Specialists are highly skilled professionals who have deep experience conducting technical and specialized role plays for corporate, health care, legal, law enforcement and other applications. They deliver immersive training experiences that have a real impact on our clients.

Our Expertise

The senior members of the pelotonRPM team have been running, advising or investing in companies for more than 20 years and have developed deep functional and industry expertise. We leverage the knowledge and relationships we have built to deliver exceptional experiences to each and every one of our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to be a trusted partner that helps each client achieve their full potential and do good for all their stakeholders. It is an honor and a privilege to serve.

The key to achieving optimal performance is finding the proper balance between technology and human interaction. The best way to understand, teach and modify organizational behavior is to leverage technology to connect people directly, watch them interact, and then promote positive changes at the individual and the enterprise level. Technology alone will not solve problems, but people using technology certainly will.

“We’ve built this business around five core values – we call them the Five Be’s. Be authentic and honest; be biased to act; be quick to ask questions; be open minded; and be agile and adaptable. The Five Be’s help us deliver great experiences to every one of our clients and serve as the foundation of a culture we are all very proud of.”

Steve Wiesner, Chief Executive Officer, pelotonRPM

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