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The Video Game Industry’s Ongoing Struggle with Workplace Misconduct

The video game industry’s ongoing struggle with workplace misconduct continues to grab headlines. A $10 million Riot Games settlement is the latest example.

Misconduct & Shareholder Lawsuits - pelotonRPM Simulations
Misconduct & Shareholder Lawsuits: Steve Wynn Writes a $20mm Check.

Workplace misconduct and related shareholder lawsuits are costing companies and executives real money, and everyone involved is starting to pay attention.

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Download pelotonRPM’s White Paper: Critical Mistakes Leaders Make When Confronted With Claims of Workplace Harassment

Our study reveals new and surprising data about the mistakes Managers & Leaders are making when confronted with bad workplace behaviors.

Bad Workplace Behavior is Infectious
HBR Research: How One Bad Employee Can Corrupt a Whole Team

If one bad employee can corrupt a whole team, imagine the impact that misconduct by senior leaders can have on the organization.

Bullying & Harassment - Should Insurers Look Deeper
pelotonRPM in the News: Bullying And Harassment: Should Insurers Look Deeper?

Given the rise of corporate reputations blowing up in personnel scandals, and the speed with which losses can be accelerated by social media, do insurance carriers need to take a deeper look at workplace culture and risk?

What Exactly Is Retaliation and Why Should I Care?

Managers and leaders do not understand retaliation, and that's a big problem. Harassment is not the leading workplace complaint - it's retaliation.

post-#metoo workplace is unchanged or worse
pelotonRPM in the News: Most women say the post-#MeToo workplace is unchanged — or worse

By: Valerie Bolden-Barrett, Published in HR Dive Dive Brief: Two years after the #MeToo movement took hold, 61% of women in a Fairgodboss survey said the situation in the workplace has remained the same or gotten worse.The percentage of women reporting incidences of sexual harassment to HR grew from 43% in 2018 to...