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What Exactly Is Retaliation and Why Should I Care?

Managers and leaders do not understand retaliation, and that's a big problem. Harassment is not the leading workplace complaint - it's retaliation.

post-#metoo workplace is unchanged or worse
pelotonRPM in the News: Most women say the post-#MeToo workplace is unchanged — or worse

By: Valerie Bolden-Barrett, Published in HR Dive Dive Brief: Two years after the #MeToo movement took hold, 61% of women in a Fairgodboss survey said the situation in the workplace has remained the same or gotten worse.The percentage of women reporting incidences of sexual harassment to HR grew from 43% in 2018 to...

The All-In Cost of Bad Workplace Behavior at McDonald's
The All-In Cost of Bad Workplace Behavior at McDonald’s? It’s an Awfully Big Number.

The all-in cost of bad workplace behavior is tremendous. Unfortunately, people fundamentally misunderstand (and underestimate) the staggering economic impact of workplace misconduct and unethical business practices.

Harassment in the Airline Industry
Harassment in the Airline Industry: The Friendly Skies Are Not So Friendly

Misconduct runs rampant in the skies, and airlines continue to face tremendous exposure and liability in terms of harassment, bias, discrimination, and bullying.

Time Changes Suck
Time Changes Suck! Daylight Savings, Tired Employees and Tough Workplace Issues

Time changes suck! They make people tired. Tired employees are more likely to act out in aggressive and inappropriate ways. This puts them, their colleagues, or the company as a whole into a tough situation.

WeWork and the Ongoing Accountability Crisis in Corporate America

When those at the top aren’t held accountable for their ineptitude, mismanagement, self-dealing, misconduct or unethical behavior, what message does that send to the rest of the organization? Simple – it’s often a green light for a range of bad behaviors.

When It Comes to Workplace Conduct & Ethics, the Law Is the Lowest Acceptable Standard.

Satisfying minimum legal requirements won’t shield you and your organization from employees, customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders who are impacted by workplace misconduct and unethical behavior. It won’t protect your brand.