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4.6 / 5.0! We are incredibly proud of our Learner Satisfaction Scores for the first half of 2021.

Here’s a quick fix to kill a really bad habit…

Ninety percent of us struggle with pause words that sap our credibility and detract from our message. Here’s a quick fix.

Soft Skills, Hard Impact

The world needs more engineers and software developers. But what the world really needs is engineers and software developers who are empathetic problem solvers who communicate well, actively listen, and think critically in a strategic manner about the matters at hand!

The Workplace Skills Gap has Become a Canyon

The COVID crisis has highlighted the magnitude of the skills crisis. Despite millions of people sitting on the sidelines, employers are challenged to find workers with the skills needed to be successful on the job.

Video Game Development 1200x675
The Video Game Industry’s Ongoing Struggle with Workplace Misconduct

The video game industry’s ongoing struggle with workplace misconduct continues to grab headlines. A $10 million Riot Games settlement is the latest example.

Bad Workplace Behavior is Infectious
HBR Research: How One Bad Employee Can Corrupt a Whole Team

If one bad employee can corrupt a whole team, imagine the impact that misconduct by senior leaders can have on the organization.

The All-In Cost of Bad Workplace Behavior at McDonald's
The All-In Cost of Bad Workplace Behavior at McDonald’s? It’s an Awfully Big Number.

The all-in cost of bad workplace behavior is tremendous. Unfortunately, people fundamentally misunderstand (and underestimate) the staggering economic impact of workplace misconduct and unethical business practices.