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How does it work?

Our turnkey process allows us to architect realistic simulations and deliver insights that exceed your expectations.





Video Role
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We ask the right questions to identify the things that matter most.

We do the heavy lifting to learn about what makes your business unique and special, allowing us to identify your company’s Key Success Attributes.

We then start our work to architect compelling simulations.

We study your objectives and processes, generate authentic personas that support your goals, and convert all of this knowledge into custom simulations.

Our Program Managers get your team ready for their simulations.

We engage directly with your team to provide them with simulation materials, address any questions and ensure that they are well-prepared for their video role play sessions.

We then conduct live video role play sessions with your team.

Your team members will conduct live video sessions with pelotonRPM Role Play Specialists, executing simulations that replicate real-life scenarios.

pelotonRPM reviews, analyzes and interprets each of the videos. 

We evaluate each of the video sessions based upon criteria compiled during the discovery process, focusing our attention on the issues that matter most to you and your team.

We complete the process with an Insights or Coaching Report.

Depending on the purpose of the simulation, we will generate a Senior Executive Insights Report or a Coaching Report that provides valuable analysis and feedback.

Your people are a thermometer for the overall health of your business.

Live video role play is the cornerstone of our simulation process.

Our simulations focus on emulating authentic interactions. Seeing first-hand how your employees engage with customers, prospects, potential recruits, and each other, says a tremendous amount about your business.

Why work with us?
Where should we start?

20 years of analyzing companies

The senior members of the pelotonRPM team have been running, advising or investing in companies for more than 20 years. We understand the Key Success Attributes that turn good businesses into great companies.

Senior-Level Attention

Every simulation process will have a dedicated team of pelotonRPM professionals that includes one of our senior executives. Every client is a top priority to us and we are deeply invested in your success.

Extensive Experience with Fortune 500 Companies and PE Firms

We have been dealing with Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms for decades. We speak your language, understand your strategic priorities and deliver the level of service you deserve.

Flexible, Custom Simulations

Every business is different and has unique opportunities and challenges. We take tremendous pride in our ability to architect custom simulations that realistically portray the realities your company faces.

Highly Scalable Technology

pelotonRPM’s core simulation technology allows us to deliver a high cadence of live, video-based simulations that can meet your team’s aggressive requirements and timelines, across time zones and geographies.


Our live, video-based simulation approach allows your employees to participate wherever and whenever is convenient for them. Our team works to their schedules, reducing their time out of the field and the associated expense.

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