High-End Consumer Products

Accelerated Product Launch

The company hired pelotonRPM to prepare 50 of their sales managers for a critical new product launch. The process was incredibly time sensitive – thirty days from start to finish. We worked with their training teams on an accelerated basis to convert their sales training materials into a live, simulated, video-based sales conversation. The focus of the simulation was to ensure their sales team was messaging key value proposition points correctly, addressing client objections about pricing effectively, and moving towards a single-call close. Given the time constraints, the training needed to be remote. The challenge was ensuring each manager was able to execute a live, video-based training simulation on whatever device was available at the store level. Disparate and dated technologies made quick execution quite complex.

  • Extremely Time Sensitive (entire program completed in 30 days)
  • Cost Savings - Remote-Only Saved $60k+ in Travel / Lodging Costs
  • Training Delay Would Have Jeopardized Product Launch & Impacted Revenue
  • ClientSelect Comfort / Sleep Number
  • IndustryConsumer Products
  • ServicesSimulation Design, Expedited Execution

pelotonRPM's bandwidth helped us create an exceptional experience for a company with many bodies and few options for certifications. Your outreach to sales managers was one of the main reasons we were able to meet our strict timeline.


Financial Technology

Distributed, Global Training Program

DFIN (Donnelley Financial Solutions) worked with pelotonRPM to prepare their global sales team to sell several new financial and legal technology products. DFIN had sales professional scattered around the world – from Milan to Chicago. We worked closely with sales leadership and the learning & development team to design simulations that accurately represented real client conversations. The logistics of execution were highly challenging given the time zones, language, and technology constraints. The pelotonRPM team was able to execute the program flawlessly, allowing the DFIN team to complete their pre-launch training and bring new products to market in record time.

  • Highly Complex Execution of a Global Training Program
  • Cost Savings - Remote-Only Saved $100k+ of Travel Expenses
  • Ensure Consistent Product Knowledge and Messaging Worldwide
  • ClientDonnelley Financial Solutions
  • IndustrySoftware
  • ServicesSimulation Design, Hosting, Global Execution

We've never gotten our team trained and certified as quickly and efficiently as we have using the pelotonRPM program.



Ensuring Consistent, Compliant Messaging

AAA NCNU (Northern California, Nevada, Utah) worked with pelotonRPM to help ensure that branch-level team members were able to (a) communicate the AAA value proposition clearly, (b) up-sell non-automotive products, and (c) ensure consistent and compliant messaging. We were tasked with constructing simulations that realistically portrayed a ‘walk-in’ customer conversation. The AAA team members were in branch locations scattered across the region, so it wasn’t practical from a cost or a time perspective to bring them to one location for in-person live training. Not only did our simulations ensure that the branch-level reps were able to discuss AAA products in a compelling way, but we identified risk factors that AAA management needed to be aware of to ensure that the reps were providing accurate and compliant information to prospective customers. This was a challenging program due to (a) varying levels of technology access / knowledge, (b) walk-in traffic disrupting scheduling, and (c) the important nuances of the sales presentation.

  • Highly Complex Execution of a Remote, Regional Program
  • Importance of Compliance - Management Was Able to Refine Process & Messaging to Ensure Compliance
  • Complex Technology Issues Successfully Addressed During Implementation
  • ClientAAA NCNU
  • IndustryFinancial Services (Insurance)
  • ServicesSimulation Design, Hosting, Program Execution

We sought out the team at pelotonRPM to help us figure out this challenge. Through personal coaching, online role plays, and assistance with technical components combined with staging and presentation skills, they really delivered! The knowledge gained and skills developed by our sales team will certainly assist us in maintaining and building our business.

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