Colliers University - Engaging Your Learners to Build Skills and Drive Outcomes

pelotonRPM is excited to present you with some ideas about the potential design and structure of a new and dynamic learning journey for your North American brokerage team.

  • Live Online Instruction @ Scale
  • Extensive one-to-one coaching
  • Application-based Skills-Building (Simulations, Learning Activities)
  • Live Feedback Delivery
We have been thinking about ways we can help you turbocharge your training efforts around presentation skills, video skills, and other topics. The goal is to enable your brokers to become effective, digitized omni-channel sales experts.
pelotonRPM delivers a dynamic learning approach that integrates live and online instruction into an outstanding learning experience that delivers real skills-building.

Technology has changed everything, including the way we engage with our learners. Attention spans are shrinking. Time is limited. Learner patience for the ‘same old, same old’ training is shorter than ever. Workers are spread out across the country and around the globe, so an effective and engaging virtual model is key. At pelotonRPM, we believe impactful learning experiences designed to deliver true skills-building need dynamic instruction, coaching, application, and feedback (“D-CAF”) wrapped into one turnkey solution, and that’s exactly what we do. Technology alone won’t get the job done. Live training on its own isn’t scalable. Put them together – you’ve got something great!

We envision a scenario in which all 7,500 members of the Colliers brokerage organization will have an opportunity to join one live online pelotonRPM class each month. Those who participate in the live class will also be offered a chance to join one of the full pelotonRPM learning programs that relates to the topic being discussed. The full program will include the class, learning materials, one-to-one coaching, a simulation / application exercise, and a live video-based feedback conversation. This approach will allow you to offer dynamic live content (and learning materials) to your entire team on a regular basis and, for those who are eager to learn more, you can provide them with the opportunity to participate in a terrific hands-on skills-building program.

Deliver a series of live, virtual, 60 minute online classes to the entire Colliers brokerage organization. Each class will be dynamic and engaging, and with a group of this size we will incorporate some creative approaches to maintaining engagement and optimizing the learning experience. Suggested Topics: “Your Personal Brand Wins Deals. Make the Most of It.” “Dialing in Video Skills, Soft Skills, and Sales Skills for 2021 Success.” “Omni-Channel Selling Strategies that Work.” “Team Work Makes the Dream Work – Bringing the A-Team to Every Pitch.


We can survey the brokerage team during and/or after the online classes to identify their top priorities from a learning perspective. The beauty of pelotonRPM is our highly agile approach to curriculum development and execution. Unlike asynchronous learning approaches which often suffer from dated materials and formats, our live content can always be fresh, highly topical, and specifically targeted at the interests of Colliers’ learners.


In addition to making content available through, we can make a subset of our growing library of online learning materials available to your learners through the Collier’s CSOD LMS as well. These learning materials cover a full range of topics that relate to leveraging an omni-channel approach to sell effectively to highly sophisticated and demanding clients and prospects. Our learning modules also include content relating to soft skills development and video-based selling best-practices.


During each online class, we will offer learners an opportunity to participate in a more in-depth pelotonRPM learning program that may be of interest to them. Each of those programs will include one-to-one coaching which is a cornerstone of our hands-on D-CAF training approach. Learners can spend thirty minutes (or more) with a pelotonRPM coach who will address their questions relating to the learning objectives / materials, provide them with personalized guidance on the subject at hand, and prepare them for the application stage of the training program.


The simulation / application stage of each pelotonRPM learning program provides the learner with an opportunity to practice what we teach! Depending on the topic, the learner may be required to navigate a simulated conversation with a prospect or client. Perhaps they will need to teach somebody else how to do a particular task that they’ve just learned themselves. Or maybe they need to create video content using a new application. Regardless of the task, each learner who participates in a broader pelotonRPM program will be required to actually do something! This is a fundamental pillar of the pelotonRPM learning approach.


Once the application / simulation exercise is over, the pelotonRPM team will analyze each learner’s work. Each learner will then have a 30 minute feedback video call to discuss what they did well, areas in which they can continue to improve, and strategies and tactics they can consider to improve their overall sales effectiveness. They will also receive a brief written summary of their performance and a program completion certificate. Senior leadership and program administrators can also receive regularly-scheduled status updates if they choose.


…The skills developed through the lessons and coaching are really beneficial to everyone. Steve’s classes are high energy, and it was clear to us that our team was very engaged and got a lot out of their session. It was full of great ideas and gave them a bunch of tips and tricks that can really help develop their selling skills…


It's time to change the way you engage, communicate, and sell.