Conflict Management

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One of the most difficult challenges for leaders to address is effectively managing conflicts that arise between co-workers, subordinates, and others within their organization. Failing to do so effectively can negatively impact the team’s perception of the manager, sap employee morale, diminsh productivity, and cast a shadow over the organization’s culture. pelotonRPM’s Conflict Management simulations provide managers and leaders with the opportunity to practice contructively addressing team conflicts in a safe and realistic way. These simulations focus on developing active listening skills, empathy for the parties involved, a creative mindset, and strong communication skill.

  • 30 Minutes
  • 0-20 Minutes
  • Beginner - Advanced
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Representative Simulations

Lack of Motivation Simulation - pelotonRPM
Managing Conflict on Remote Teams - pelotonRPM Simulations
Breaking Down Silos Simulation - pelotonRPM
People are afraid of conflict. They want nothing to do with it. Stay away. Unfortunately, as a manager of people, that's just not an option. If you don't engage and address these issues effectively, they will only get worse.

– Regional Vice President, Sales

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic conflict management scenarios. They are the cultural standard-bearers of the organization. By preparing them to deal with these kinds of situations in an empathetic, decisive and effective way, you are mitigating the risk that routine conflicts will escalate into something more serious and destructive.