Crisis Management

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When Crisis Strikes, Everyone Will Be Watching the Corrective Actions You Take

When a Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership crisis arises, all of your stakeholders will be watching your next steps closely. Employees, the Board of Directors, shareholders, regulators, plaintiffs’ attorneys, insurers, and others will need assurances that the matter is being addressed decisively. pelotonRPM should be a critical piece of your crisis management strategy.



When a crisis situation arises, you need to act fast. Timelines are incredibly tight. We will work on an expedited schedule to meet your needs.



We understand how sensitive theses issues can be. We engage with the utmost of confidentiality.



Working with pelotonRPM will show your stakeholders you are willing to go above and beyond what is merely required of you to ensure these critical issues will never be mishandled again.



You expect, and we deliver, definitive and demonstrable results when it matters most.

We Prepare Leaders to Handle the Toughest Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership Scenarios

In today’s risk environment, organizations need to show they are committed to fighting negative Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership situations. pelotonRPM’s simulation exercises allow your leaders to prepare for tough scenarios under demanding circumstances. Give your stakeholders confidence that your managers and leaders are up to the challenge and that negative behaviors won’t be repeated.

How Do We Work With Organizations That Are in the Midst of a Crisis?
We Help Address Critical Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership Issues

Times of Crisis Require an Exceptional Response

If Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership issues arise, you need to take decisive action to make sure they don’t happen again. pelotonRPM prepares your leaders to handle tough situations, effectively and decisively. We can help.