Customer Due Diligence (AML / KYC)

Business Ethics Simulations

Data and analytics are becoming an invaluable tool in the fight against global money laundering. That said, an estimated 90%+ of data-driven detection approaches result in false-positives and fail to detect sophisticated money laundering strategies. Most schemes begin with an interaction between people, and we help your managers and leaders prepare for those moments. pelotonRPM offers customer due diligence simulation exercises that require employees to ask difficult questions, gather important information, understand the details of a questionable client scenario, and then relay the relevant facts to the appropriate people in the organization. These are delicate and sensitive conversations that can challenge people of all skill levels.

  • 30-45 Minutes
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  • Intermediate - Advanced
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Representative Simulations

It can be really uncomfortable asking tough questions when a great new prospect walks in the door. You certainly don't want to annoy or offend them. But if you don't really know who you're doing business with, you're exposing us to tremendous risk.

– Associate General Counsel, Anti-Corruption

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic scenarios relating to customer due diligence. Satisfying AML and KYC requirements can lead to difficult conversations that require participants to identify suspect behaviors, document them appropriately, and accurately relay the important details to compliance and / or counsel.