Financial Fraud & Embezzlement

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Employee theft costs American businesses an estimated $50 billion every year. According to data from Hiscox, a large specialist insurer, the average loss from an embezzlement scheme is more than $350,000 and 85% of perpetrators were at the manager level or above. The perpetrators of these crimes are intelligent and diligent in how they implement the fraud. pelotonRPM offers simulation exercises that prepare managers and leaders to handle challenging conversations that relate to embezzlement and similar frauds. These simulations typically consist of three conversations, requiring the manager to gather information and understand the details of a questionable scenario and then relay the relevant facts to the appropriate people in the organization. The goal is to provide your managers and leaders with a deeper understanding of the warning signs and provide them with a roadmap to follow when they encounter similar scenarios.

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Representative Simulations

The first question we always ask is ``Why didn't we uncover this sooner?`` Employees who embezzle know all of our blind spots. They're smart and they know how to game the system to their advantage. We all need to watch for the warning signs.

– Senior Vice President, Regional Head of Financial Fraud & Compliance

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic scenarios relating to financial fraud and embezzlement. We simulate challenging conversations that require participants to identify suspect behaviors, document them appropriately, and accurately relay the important details to compliance and / or counsel.