Gender Bias & Discrimination

Workplace Conduct Simulations

Gender bias and discrimination are continuing to cause serious problems in organizations worldwide. Whether conscious or unconscious, bias deprives deserving individuals of the opportunity to develop and advance in their careers, leading to a range of negative individual, societal and economic consequences.  pelotonRPM offers simulation exercises that prepare managers and leaders to handle difficult conversations regarding gender bias and discrimination. Our bias and discrimination-related simulation exercises typically require participants to engage with a complainant or bystander with empathy and appreciation, to navigate the scenario without passing judgment regarding an alleged perpetrator, and to accurately relay critical information to HR or legal. A consistent takeaway from these simulations is that bias and discrimination scenarios can evoke strong emotions and surface a variety of behavior patterns.

  • 30-45 Minutes
  • 0-20 Minutes
  • Beginner - Advanced
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Representative Simulations

Stressed woman in workplace situation
Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and grow at our company. Diversity is more than a tagline for us. We are determined to build a culture of equality and inclusion.

– Vice President, Human Resources

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic bias and discrimination-related scenarios. They are the cultural standard-bearers of the organization. By preparing them to deal with these kinds of situations in an empathetic, decisive and effective way, you are clearly communicating to all of your most important stakeholders that eliminating bias and discrimination is a critically strategic priority.