Bridging the Generational Divide

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Bridging the generational divide in the workplace needs to be a top priority for organizations – large and small. With Baby Boomers retiring, Millennials have become the largest subset of the U.S. workforce and are on track to represent a majority soon. The rapidly changing demographics of the workforce can lead to a variety of difficult challenges that executives and managers need to deal with. Employees at different life stages often have conflicting priorities and work styles that can lead to tension and dysfunction in the workplace. pelotonRPM’s simulations are designed to prepare managers and leaders to identify these sources of conflict, avoid negative sterotypes, engage in empathetic conversations, and seek resolution under demanding circumstances. Leading teams with substantial diversity in terms of age can lead to unique challenges. pelotonRPM can help prepare your managers and leaders to mitigate the risks.

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Representative Simulations

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I hate to admit it, but the generation tension is real. People just have different priorities and perspectives. It's natural, but it can cause real tension on our team.

– Vice President, People Operations

Generational tensions can lead to outright conflict, diminishing the effectiveness of the team and creating liability for the organization. pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic scenarios relating to inter-generational challenges.

Vice President, People Operations