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One of the most important responsibilities of an effective leader is to build, motivate, and maintain a team of exceptional individuals. Accordingly, some of the most challenging conversations they will have relate to hiring, firing, and retaining employees. Hiring – how well do you tell your organization’s story and frame career opportunities in a way that will resonate with high-quality hires? Clearly, firing conversations are stressful for everyone involved and fraught with difficulties, including legal issues, that many managers are unprepared to handle. Finally, don’t underestimate how tough retention conversations can be. Top-tier employees can be demanding and managers need to understand how to engage with them in a way that leads to a positive outcome. pelotonRPM’s hiring, firing & retention simulations prepare managers and leaders to navigate these kinds of conversations successfully.

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Representative Simulations

Mastering the Sell Interview - pelotonRPM Simulations
Layoff Notification Meeting - pelotonRPM Simulations
Retaining Talented Team Members - pelotonRPM Simulations
Our best leaders are also our best team builders. They know how to get candidates excited about the opportunity and to keep them excited when they're part of the team. They can also deal effectively with people who aren't meeting expectations.

– Chief Operating Officer

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic hiring, firing & retention-related scenarios. By preparing them to deal with these kinds of situations in an effective way, you are positioning them to successfully build and develop highly-effective teams that will drive the success of your organization.