Leadership Assessment & Development

Evaluation    •    Preparation    •    Risk Mitigation

The Most Important Role a Great Leader Plays is Defining Acceptable Workplace Behaviors

Research shows that as many as 70% of incidents involving allegations of workplace misconduct are reported directly to managers as opposed to HR, legal or compliance. Leaders must be prepared to deal with these challenging issues, effectively and decisively, whenever they arise.



Are candidates for important leadership positions, either internal or external, prepared to deal with some of the most challenging management issues they will ever face?


Consistent Evaluation

Once they are in the position, it is important to regularly evaluate their abilities to deal with tough workplace situations. These are low-frequency, but high-impact, management events and the cost of failure can be devastating.


Skill Building

Traditional leadership development initiatives tend to focus on knowledge-building. pelotonRPM converts that knowledge into actual experience, allowing leaders to develop invaluable hands-on skills.


Risk Mitigation

Your leaders will be on the frontlines of your organization’s highest-stakes Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership issues. The consequences of mistakes will directly impact the performance and value of the business. Prepare them for the moment and mitigate your risk.

Board members, the C-Suite, high potential employees and rising managers. They all need to be prepared to deal with challenging Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership situations.

In today’s risk environment, the stakes have never been higher for leaders and senior managers. From diversity & inclusion initiatives to FCPA issues, they will set the tone for the way in which the rest of the organization behaves. Traditional leadership development provides them with knowledge. Now there is a way to allow them to apply that knowledge in an immersive, engaging and effective way – pelotonRPM.

How do we work with Board Members, Senior Executives and Rising Managers?
We Help Address Critical Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership Issues

Prepare Your Leaders for Critical Moments

The bigger the title, the greater the responsibility and the higher the stakes. If Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership challenges arise within your organization, you need to take decisive action to make sure they don’t happen again. We can help.