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The Stakes are High During M&A or Private Equity Transactions

When Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership issues arise before or during an M&A transaction, the impact on the deal process (and enterprise value) can be profound. Similarly, private equity owners and strategic buyers often need to address significant cultural issues within the organization once a transaction has closed. pelotonRPM can help on all fronts.



Deal timelines are tight. We can work on an expedited schedule to meet your needs.



We understand how sensitive theses issues can be. We engage with the utmost of confidentiality.



These issues can have a material impact on enterprise value. We align our process to your investment thesis and strategic goals.



You expect, and we deliver, definitive and demonstrable results when it matters most.

We Have Extensive Experience in Private Equity and M&A

We have seen, first-hand, how Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership issues can jeopardize deal closings and the overall success of a transaction. In today’s risk environment, every party to a deal needs to make sure these kinds of situations don’t arise and, if they do, that they’re dealt with effectively and decisively.

How do we work with Strategic Buyers, PE firms and investment bankers?
We Help Prepare for Critical Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership Issues

Don't Let Your Deal Be Derailed

Everyone has worked so hard to get to this point. If Workplace Conduct, Ethics & Leadership issues arise, you need to take decisive action to make sure they don’t happen again. We can help.