Talent Acquisition

Diversity & Inclusion    •    Values    •    Risk Mitigation

What Does Your Talent Acquisition Process Really Say About Your Organization's Culture?

Do you want to communicate to high-potential candidates that your organization takes Workplace Culture, Ethics & Leadership issues seriously? Do you want to see how your future managers and leaders deal with challenging Workplace Conduct,  Ethics & Leadership scenarios before you extend them an offer or promote them? pelotonRPM’s simulations can help.


Communicate Values

Show candidates how much you value an inclusive and productive organizational culture during the recruiting process.


Invest in Potential

Teach high-potential candidates how challenging workplace issues should be handled within your organization.


Identify Fit

Our simulations help you identify those candidates who will thrive within your organization’s culture.


Mitigate Risk

We help you identify risky behaviors and reduce the odds of tough workplace issues arising in the first place.

Building The Right Culture Means Building The Right Team

Incorporating pelotonRPM simulations into your recruiting process benefits everyone. It provides high-potential candidates with a clear view into the heart of your organization, it helps them develop as managers and leaders, and it enhances your ability to build a team that authentically reflects the culture that you value.

How Do We Integrate Into Your Talent Acquisition Process?
We help you identify high-potential candidates who share your dedication to a healthy and inclusive workplace culture.

Learn More About How pelotonRPM Simulations Can Help You Build a Winning Team

We integrate our simulations seamlessly into your existing interview process, are convenient for your high-potential candidates, and deliver a tremendous experience to everyone involved.