Workplace Bullying

Workplace Conduct Simulations

Despite a lack of legal definition in the United States, workplace bullying is an increasing focus for HR and legal teams. Bullying behaviors can have a severe impact on morale and the health, well-being and productivity of employees. While the law may not explicitly prohibit bullying, codes of conduct can certainly model the kinds of behaviors that are deemed appropriate, and inappropriate, within the workplace. pelotonRPM’s simulation exercises provide managers and leaders with the opportunity to address bullying situations in a constructive and proactive manner. Our bullying-related simulation exercises require participants to engage with a complainant or bystander with empathy and appreciation, to navigate the scenario without passing judgment regarding an alleged perpetrator, and to accurately relay critical information to HR or legal. Was it tough and direct feedback from a manager or was it bullying? It can depend on perspective. Like many other tough workplace situations, ambiguity can create exposure.

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  • Intermediate - Advanced
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Representative Simulations

We really struggle with bullying. The definition can be so difficult. We're trying to change that though. The cultural costs are high and it's a slippery slope to a discrimination allegation.

– Senior Vice President, People

pelotonRPM delivers an unparalleled simulation experience that allows your senior managers and leaders to immerse themselves in demanding and realistic bullying-related scenarios. They are the cultural standard-bearers of the organization. By preparing them to deal with these kinds of situations in an empathetic, decisive and effective way, you are clearly communicating to all of your most important stakeholders that cultivating a healthy and productive workplace environment is a critical strategic priority.